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"I can now spend my children's inheritance and enjoy my retirement"


Elizabeth Ridge: Proving that age is just a number

The Personal Journey of an Old Lady.

Two years ago I could hardly walk. I was crippled with arthritis and fibromyalgia.


A month ago I was scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, hiking through the remote country north of Cooktown in search of ancient rock galleries of Aboriginal art and then flying in an ultra-lite aircraft ten feet above the waves looking for sharks and turtles.

How did I achieve all this at the age of 74+ in such a short time?

A miracle?Good luck?

NO, through training the M.P. Way, exercise and diet!

Was it difficult? NO?

Although I have not always attended the gym regularly, for reasons beyond my control, I have still been able to change my life through M.P. Training.

Not a moments pain, not a moments hunger!


Did I need a mentor and teacher........yes! yes! yes!

I was lucky enough to be under the encouraging guidance of Don Johnson Taylor and then Kane Patterson.

They both have helped me achieve extraordinary results.

Kane is the greatest friend and mentor one could hope to find.He is a living example of what M.P. Training can achieve.He literally lives every aspect of the M.P. Program twenty-four hours a day which is a great motivation and an encouragement to his clients.

He BELIEVES in the benefits of M.P. Training and I KNOW the benefits.I have achieved in a very short time a new and exciting way of life that I thought was only possible for a person half my age! How extraordinary is that?

Thank you M.P. And thank you Kane & Lisa!