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"Weight lifting and healthy nutrition literally saved my life. I now use that passion and love for healthy living to help other change their lives"


Kane Patterson: My journey and transformation with the help of my trainer Matt Wolfs

You’d be forgiven upon meeting Kane Patterson for thinking he’d be just another gym rat living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Despite his rough and rugged appearance, Kane is very easy-going, very unassuming and one of the most friendly guys you’d ever meet.

What you wouldn’t assume was that Kane has gone through his own personal hell to get to this point. This bloke went through more in his formative years than most of us do our entire lives.

"I think I was born in Dandenong, Victoria and as far as I know I was a heroin baby and went through withdrawals when I was born." said Kane.

"I was taken away from my mother before I was 2 years old because my mum had a bad substance addiction and could not care for me. I was moved around a lot from foster home to foster home, about 24 of them!

Countless nights I would cry myself to sleep. For a kid to be taken away from the one person in their life who was meant to love them was confusing and scary.It was always hard packing up, leaving, starting a new school, and having to make new friends.

When people found out that I was in foster they would pick on me. As a result of the bullying I wagged school a lot and my education suffered for it. I had some really bad anger issues growing up and could not be controlled (I think it was me lashing out and getting some attention).

I look back at my time in foster and now that I am a little bit older and a little bit wiser I am thankful because I would be dead if they had not taken me away from my mother.

My father left when I was just a baby, and I was eventually raised by my nan and pop. They were my parents and the most important people in my life, they were my light in such a dark world I called life. My pop passed away when I was about 16 and I took it very badly.

I thought I could handle the loss and work through it but as time went on it got harder and harder, drugs suppressed the hurt and I quickly spiraled downwards into a life I wanted to avoid," Kane confessed.

And then came Kane’s snap point.

"About 4-5 years ago when I was just starting to take my addiction to the next level a few very good friends told me that they did not want to be around me anymore because of my lifestyle and addiction. This really hit home and made me think long and hard about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

After many years of substance addiction, homelessness and a generally unhealthy lifestyle I got a big reality check and started to clean my act up.

It was hard learning how to do things again as I had spent so long with drugs in my system; getting good sleep at night was a big struggle as all I could think about was going out and partying. At the start I was weak, really weak from the excessive partying, drugs and drinking.

I had very little energy and functional strength. In addition to that, trying to go somewhere strange, outside your comfort zone, when you are in a vulnerable state emotionally and your confidence is no longer artificially enhanced was something that I had to work through.

I used the gym and healthy eating as a way to focus on something else, so I didn’t slip back into old habits. It was helping me in more ways than just feeling and functioning better; it was also making it easier to hold down a job and start integrating back into a normal life. My strength started to improve and my energy levels lifted," said Kane.

Kane decided to pursue his passion for training and completed the basic PT certification. However, when Kane discovered the amazing Metabolic Precision network things really began to change for him.

"At the MP Certifications you get to meet and work with some amazing people. I talked to MP Mentor Matt Wolfs and he helped me understand the importance of knowing the MP program inside and out and also achieving my own transformation to help my business. I was a slow learner and it took me three programs before I started getting Metabolic Precision right.

"Matt was very supportive and always gave it to me straight; told me when I was on track and when I was not off course. My first training session with was an eye opener; his attention to detail was something that really got me hooked even more!

Matt not only put me through some great sessions, he also guided me in delivering top-notch sessions to my own clients! Seriously, you could not ask for a better training/mentor/mate to be in your corner.

The Metabolic Precision program taught me to look at everything so differently.

The detail that goes into building a training program—the exercise progression, form and technique, range of motion, mind-muscle connection— it really has definitely opened my world to a whole new way of training.

On top of that, the MP Facebook community is amazing, so helpful and supportive, its definitely not like anything else.

My MP Mentor Program with Matt has changed my life - taken me to new levels both personally and professionally I never thought I could get to (or even knew existed) and still I know I’ve got a lot more in me! My only regret is not starting with Matt earlier!" Confessed Kane.