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"I focused on what I could do and the results were amazing"


Natalie Rix: In her 40's and rocking a bod that most 20 year olds would want


Can you change your body shape when you're In your 40’s, 2 kids and a job?


I would like to introduce Natalie Rix.

I feel my story isn’t inspirational, more how I got into MP training.

I have been training with weights and doing cardio for more than 20 years. I found at first that I was getting results. My body weight stayed the same and I “thought” I had definition in my arms and my legs, well...nothing was really happening.

When I hit the 40’s and after having children (early in my 30’s) I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, even though I was training 5 days a week.

In my early 40’s I badly injured my back doing weights incorrectly, this took the good part of 2 years to rectify, then a year later, unfortunately, through wear and tear, playing sport and skiing, I injured my knee and was on light exercise for 1 year. I needed the guidance of a trainer to prevent any further injury.

But I also wanted results.

I met my trainer at a gym I was currently a member of. I did a couple of trial sessions. He introduced me to F.I.R.E training and explained how it would benefit my current situation. I started out with 2 F.I.R.E sessions a week, just upper body as I was still very concerned about training my leg, especially my bad knee.

After 6 months of my trainer nagging me and telling me how much it would help. I finally gave in and started training legs. We focused on what I could do at the time to get my legs stronger. Under a watchful eye and close guidance, a year later I was leg pressing 210kg (I would never have thought) and nearly pain-free.

Though the MP program I have seen results, especially in my arms, back, legs and bum. It took me a while to see the changes even though everyone around was commenting on how great I was looking.

I thought I ate quite healthy. But now I can see I would always sneak 1-2 glasses of wine a night, chocolate and biscuits I would make for my children’s lunches. MP has taught me to Prepare my meals in advance or prepare to fail…My MP trainer took me through the MP program one step at a time, making it easy to understand in my own way.

My MP trainer has motivated me to block out all the noise and focus on “What I” want to achieve out of this program. And that’s what I have done and will continue doing.

This is my MP story.

Natalie Rix