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Paul Loeliger: 70, disabled and unstoppable!!!


At the age of 70, I am feeling the best I have in forty years thanks to the MP program and my incredible trainers.

I retired at the age of 66 and due to years of work-related stress and bad lifestyle habits, I was not in brilliant physical shape.

I decided that a gym program would be the way for me to turn this situation around.

Let me preface this story with the fact that at the age of 5 I contracted Polio in 1952 in one of the last epidemics we had in Australia. As a result of this disease, I had to cope with a Left leg that was shorter and withered when compared to my right leg.

I did my best not to let my disability restrict my general way of living too much.

Back to today.

Through my gym membership, I was introduced to Kane Patterson who became my PT and my interesting journey began. My training was not only physically in the gym but also on creating a healthy relationship with food through the MP way of eating.

A remarkable lifestyle change developed slowly over the following years. I was gently guided me through the aspects of a completely new way of eating.

Not less food, but more food of the right type.

Habits are hard to break but slowly I have managed to turn my way of eating and the timing of meals completely around.

My body is changing shape for the better.

Not only do I look healthier, I feel so much better in my physical and mental state.

As a 70-year-old I have found this takes a little longer than a much younger person, so I would urge you to start your MP journey now, don’t leave it until you are in your 60’s like I did.

Kane Patterson and Lisa Arney have helped me completely turn my life around for the better, and despite my disability has given me a new "lease on life".