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"Can't believe I am eating this much food and dropping dress sizes"


Tracey Webster: In her 50's and undoing YEAR'S of dieting with HEAPS of delicious food.

"Honestly, my first impression, first of Kane, then Lisa, was they gave me hope - like many people with weight issues, I had tried diet after diet and program after program with either no success or the frustrating experience of losing weight and having it pile straight back on with a few extra kilos.

They helped me see that I could have a future without turning into a human beanbag, and do it in a way that inherently made sense to me.

Kane and Lisa know their stuff - they are doing the MP program alongside us - and having two coaches working together gives you a synchronistic approach where two people spot two different aspects of how you're travelling and where you can pick up your game.

Which is great for me, because I get the male and female point of view and some parts of Kane and Lisa's separate journeys echo mine, so it's like I'm getting double the coaching benefit, which is great.

Kane and Lisa have taught me to be strong in more ways than one. As a woman in her fifties, learning that I could lift weights and be good at it was a revelation. But more importantly, they've patiently coached and guided me through eating and nutrition pitfalls - as the saying goes, you can't outrun what's on your fork - and through a very challenging year, including a CFS relapse where I couldn't train at all for the best part of three months and where it would have been very easy to say 'sod it' and go off the rails.

With their help and knowing that they're just at the end of a text or message, I'm in a better place physically, emotionally and mentally than I was a year into the program.

I cannot recommend them more highly. Thank you to you both".