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A bit about us:

We specialise in helping people get the body they want in a sustainable way and most of all, keeping their results. We have both overcome some massive hurdles in life and have used training, nutrition and healthy weight gain to do so.

Now, we share our stories, experience and expertise to help those that are struggling with anxiety, depression, drug addiction, adversity, health and body image. 

Our plan for 2021:

We are currently setting up for a big and exciting 2021 with our podcast and would love for you to be our guest.

We have chosen you specifically because we think that you can offer some great value, insight and real world experience to our listeners. 

We are now planning out our 3 seasons for 2021 and they are:

1. Mental Health

2. Allied Health Professionals

3. Inspirational People

Who we would like to have on as a guest:

Allied Health Professionals - We are looking for allied health professionals that work with people and help improve their lives. 

Some Professions - Chiropractors, Doctors, Psychologists, Dietitians and Specialists that work with people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa.

Mental Health - We are looking for professionals that work with people suffering from mental health to delve deeper into the mental health. 

We are also looking for people who struggle with mental health but have managed to rise above it and transform their lives/bodies/selves.

Inspirational People - We are looking for inspirational people to come on our podcast and share their amazing stories of triumph.

If you have an interesting life story where you have overcome trying times, lived through adversity, overcome drug addiction, conquered your mental health in a healthy way, then we want to have you as a guest.

Please note - if you are coming to our show to sell supplements or anything like that, you will not be accepted. We want to give value, motivation, knowledge and inspiration to our listeners, not have them hear a sales pitch about useless supplements.

What we need from you:

If you fit into one of our seasons listed above, then we need to get to know you before we sit down and record an episode.

Please take your time and fill out this form. We need as much information about you as you can possibly give us so we can prepare a great interview for you.

Please read carefully and answer these questions with an IMMENSE amount of detail.