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Today is the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life.

Congratulations on taking the first step!

Before you get started, we'd like to make sure you are starting your journey with your best foot forward. Below are some useful resources to get you up to speed.

Take your time to read through these, and at any time if you have questions, please let us know.

“How do I use my Wall of Fame Coaching Program?”

Watch this video for a comprehensive tutorial on how to best use your program and get the most out of working with us! We can’t stress enough the importance of us meeting halfway as Coaches and Clients to ensure your success. Be a student, take the time to learn – you WILL be rewarded.

“I see that I have weekly tasks to do in my Online Program – when should these be submitted to you guys?”

Each Monday, 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time, we sit down to review all tasks submitted to us. From here we can give you live feedback, guidance and coaching to keep you on track as required.


To avoid missing out and not having your information reviewed until the following week (whereby it is already obsolete) we strongly recommend you get your weekly tasks submitted to us by Sunday night Australian Eastern Standard Time!

Block out the time necessary to do this in your calendar each week, like you would an appointment at work and you can’t go wrong! We expect you to take your transformation as seriously as we do, and we expect you to prioritise yourself accordingly.

A great habit to get into is logging in each Monday to check what the tasks for the week are.

“What happens if I don't put the time aside to submit my weekly tasks to you guys? Will you chase me up?”


No we will not. Ultimately for this to work, you will need to meet us halfway. We won't judge you and we certainly won't chase you up like a child who must submit their school homework.


We are on the computer every Monday without fail reviewing the tasks submitted to us and we believe in giving our best effort to those who put the effort in with us.


If you choose not to submit your tasks and be accountable, that's your choice and we respect it. However you must also be prepared for the consequences - your lack of progress.

“I’m finding it really hard to remember what I’ve eaten each day, what’s the best way to record my food for my 7-day meal record task?”

Here’s a tutorial video on THE best, most effective and simple way to do this!


Recording what you’re eating (and drinking) sucks, but it’s a necessary evil for ensuring the best progress possible. Once you’ve got this routine happening, you won’t have to remember a thing! You can submit your data to us accurately and on-time as required.

“I’m about to start my FIRE program! How do I understand the FIRE program you’ve sent me?”


Watch this!