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A handful of hours a week is all you need to get the body you have always wanted.

Overcome your lack of motivation.

Eat lots of delicious food that are easy and quick to make.

Anxiety, Depression or Recovery from drug addiction? We have been there and can help you be free. 


Let us change your life.

Chris Stenhouse Transformation


"In late 2016 I found myself single and disappointed with who I saw looking back at me in the mirror.

I needed to do something for myself, something positive, I knew of Kane’s program through an acquaintance and after speaking with him I signed up.

I’ve completed 4 training programs to date and am stoked with the results. Along with the physical changes, my self-confidence has increased and I’m feeling better than ever before.

It’s a journey and I’m not done yet"

Natalie Rix Transformation


"I have been training with weights and doing cardio for more than 20 years. I found at first that I was getting results. My body weight stayed the same and I “thought” I had definition in my arms and my legs, well... nothing was really happening.

When I hit the 40’s and after having children (early in my 30’s) I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, even though I was training 5 days a week.

In my early 40’s I badly injured my back doing weights incorrectly, this took the good part of 2 years to rectify, then a year later unfortunately, through wear and tear, playing sport and skiing, I injured my knee and was on light exercise for 1 year.


I needed the guidance of a trainer to prevent any further injury.

Under a watchful eye and close guidance, a year later I was leg pressing 210kg (I would never have thought) and nearly pain free.

Kane and Lisa have motivated me to block out all the noise and focus on “What I” want to achieve out of this program. And that’s what I have done and will continue doing."

Paul Mannagh Transformation



"I started with Kane and Lisa in July 2018, and to say I was lost was a bit of an understatement! Over the time I have worked with them, I have slowly seen things come together. I have learnt so much about how to fuel my body properly, and how what I was eating in the past was a restriction of what I could achieve. This alone has been an amazing journey and has helped me in more ways than just the transformation.

When it came to the gym, I thought I was on the right track and was being consistent with what I was doing. These 2 have been able to open my eyes to a whole new world of what I needed to be doing, and how much I could achieve. I had spent so much time just doing the same thing that I had lost passion for what I was doing.


With the help of Kane and Lisa, I have branched out and completed exercises I never thought I would. No longer ties to standard machines, I have joined the world of free weights, and am loving every minute of it!

Kane and Lisa have started me on a journey the I will stick with for the rest of my life. I have achieved so much already, but have many more goals to achieve, and many more photos to take!"

Elizabeth Ridge Transformation



"I cannot thank Kane and Lisa enough for being so patient and kind when I returned to M.P. Training two weeks ago.

I honestly didn't know what to expect with one lung and half a brain and after so many months without exercise while my wounds healed.

I was warmly welcomed and felt very flattered that Kane had developed a special program of gentle exercises especially for me.

I have always had faith in Kane and Lisa and already feel the benefits already after only a couple of sessions.

I am convinced that I recovered so quickly (My doctors were amazed) because Kane had shown me how to change my eating and exercise habits about two years ago.

So by being a member of " Lift For Life” means that you will become as healthy as it is possible to be at any age! ''

Tracey Webster Transformation



"Honestly, my first impression, first of Kane, then Lisa, was they gave me hope - like many people with weight issues, I had tried diet after diet and program after program with either no success or the frustrating experience of losing weight and having it pile straight back on with a few extra kilos.

They helped me see that I could have a future without turning into a human beanbag, and do it in a way that inherently made sense to me.

Kane and Lisa know their stuff - they are doing the MP program alongside us - and having two coaches working together gives you a synchronistic approach where two people spot two different aspects of how you're travelling and where you can pick up your game.

Which is great for me, because I get the male and female point of view and some parts of Kane and Lisa's separate journeys echo mine, so it's like I'm getting double the coaching benefit, which is great.

Kane and Lisa have taught me to be strong in more ways than one. As a woman in her fifties, learning that I could lift weights and be good at it was a revelation. But more importantly, they've patiently coached and guided me through eating and nutrition pitfalls - as the saying goes, you can't outrun what's on your fork - and through a very challenging year, including a CFS relapse where I couldn't train at all for the best part of three months and where it would have been very easy to say 'sod it' and go off the rails.

With their help and knowing that they're just at the end of a text or message, I'm in a better place physically, emotionally and mentally than I was a year into the program.

I cannot recommend them more highly. Thank you to you both".

Your Coaches

Kane Patterson Transformation

Kane Patterson


“I was born into a family that was broken, destroyed and torn apart by drugs and crime, my mother had created a self-destructive life for herself that was no place to start a family.

The first time I was taken away from my mother I had only just turned 2 and was placed into foster care, from there I was moved from foster home to foster home and occasionally moving back with mum only to have her overdose again, then back to foster care.

Around the age of 15, I started my own destructive drug addiction that lasted about 10 years and put me in a situation where I was homeless at times, struggling to hold down a job and looking at possible jail time.

Then I had my snap point!!! I was going to change my life and become a better person and nothing was going to stop me.

Skip forward 8 years and I now use the skills and knowledge I have learned through my journey to help others work through their own struggle and battles, to come out the other side healthier, sexier and happier.”

Lisa Arney Transformation

Lisa Arney


“Hi my name is Lisa, I have been working alongside Kane Patterson in the business since mid-2017 and began working on my own transformation in Feb 2017.

This transition into becoming a Transformation Specialist and practising what I preach has not come easy to me. Since turning 18 I have suffered from anxiety attacks. The attacks have impacted my social life quite a lot, for the first 3 years, I pretty much locked myself away from the world because that was the only way to prevent an attack. They were quite bad for many years and after seeking some professional help they did become a bit easier to manage but never stopped. I disliked training and any kind of sport, I ate a whole lot of junk food and thought I could live like this forever.

Before changing careers and becoming an online coach, I was a Visual Merchandiser for about 3 years but found working in a desk job just really wasn’t for me. I had begun training and changing my nutrition whilst working in VM and within a few months, I loved everything about it and wanted to join Kane in helping others to achieve their own transformation goals.

In such a short amount of time, I have noticed some big changes both physically and mentally that I never thought were possible. By consistently training a handful of hours a week and improving my nutrition I have noticed the anxiety attacks are now uncommon. My self-confidence and self-worth has grown immensely and I believe this is a direct result of changing these two things in my life.

My aim now is to use what I have learned so far and help others who may be in a similar situation or who want to start loving themselves again. I strongly believe that focusing on self-improvement by building a healthy life will benefit everyone so much more than just looking good in the mirror.”

Eat lots of yummy food

Exercise for only a handful of hours per week

Create your own blueprint for success!

Get the results you deserve - and know how to keep them!

Get more support & motivation

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