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Step 3- Some housekeeping before we get started!

Before we get started with your transformation we want to make sure a few housekeeping items are in order!


Not essential but if you happen to have any copies of your old exercise programs (that you’ve done yourself or were prescribed to you by another Trainer) or meal plans/food recordings you’re more than welcome to send them through to us. That will give us another layer of knowledge about yourself and where you’ve come from.


Not essential but if you’ve got ‘em, send ‘em!


If you've been working with a specialist/physical therapist for any injuries/conditions, please send us their details so we can make contact with them!

We prefer to liaise with the specialists where required to ensure we can design a training program for you that works around any limitations or even assists with rehabilitation while being effective for your transformation.


Just Facebook message this information through to us as soon as you can!