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Step 4 - Your online coaching program resources!

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An Introduction to FIRE

An article illustrating why FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) is so much different, and so much more effective, than the weight training you see people do in the gym.


How do I read my FIRE program?

You will be sent your custom FIRE program prior to starting with us. Watch this video to help you read and understand your program as well as learn how to record your workout information (this is vital to progress!)

FIRE Exercise Tutorials YouTube Playlist

Any FIRE exercises we prescribe on your training programs you'll find instructional videos here, done either by ourselves or by our own Mentor, Dr Paul Cribb. Priceless!


To build your confidence and ensure you're on the right track, we strongly recommend you have yourself video recorded doing a set or two of each FIRE exercise in your gym. That way we can compare how you're going to the instructional videos to fine tune your technique! Just upload them to the secret Facebook group so everyone can learn!


To ensure you learn your FIRE exercises as effectively as possible, please review the relevant tutorial video as well as your own and critique yourself when posting your vids in our group! That way we can see how you’re learning and can help “fill the gaps” where necessary.


Introduction to ICE Training

Why the Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) that you'll be doing is so much more effective than boring old cardio sessions on the treadmill!

If you find yourself struggling for ideas or consistency with your I.C.E workouts, take a look at our Online I.C.E Program!

What’s the best way to record my food?

At various stages during each program, you will be asked to record and submit a 7-day meal recording. This tutorial video is designed to help you record your information accurately and stress-free! The lack of information/data/accountability kills a transformation dead in its tracks.

Understand that your accountability to us through the information you send us in your weekly tasks is what will allow us to coach you.

No accountability = no coaching = we’re going nowhere. Avoid this at all costs.