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Step 6 - Ensuring you take the best before/after photos!

Taking Before/Progress Pics is a legitimate skill, once that many people get wrong, including a lot of Personal Trainers who let their clients take shoddy photos that make accurate future assessments and comparisons impossible.


When you get this right however, not only are accurate comparisons possible, they help you develop an eye for detail with how your body is changing, much like the eyes for detail that we have.


They also fill you with confidence as you progress because you can visually see your body changing, and as we say…the photos don’t lie.


So how to ensure you take the best photos?


The first step is to read this article


This is a fantastic tutorial on the ins and outs of taking fantastic progress photos every time.


The second step will come when you take your photos – compare them to the examples we’ve got here below;

Jamie Moxham, Front, 29-01-18.jpg
Jamie Moxham, Back, 29-01-18.jpg
Jamie Moxham, Side, 29-01-18.jpg

From Week 1 of your first program with us and every 6 weeks after that, you will be asked in your program dashboard to take and upload progress photos.


We are very picky about ensuring you get these photos right, so just know that we will ask you to re-take your photos if they don’t meet the standards we are looking for!