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Step 7 - Your first of many meal preps!

Without question, a true X-Factor that will make or break any success you have with us will be how willing you are to embrace, and improve at, the concept of meal planning and preparation.


Countless transformation attempts have been killed off due to either no regard at all, or winging it and hoping for the best when it comes to this skill.  The Rule of Proximity (if it is nearby, you will eat it) is undefeated for a reason.


Make no mistake, meal planning and preparation is indeed a skill. One that will, over time, reward you with changes to your health, function and body-shape that will literally change your life for the better while saving you time.


Our recommendation for your first few 12-week programs with us is to plan and prepare exclusively from the 200+ MP recipes we’ve made available to you as part of working with us.




Simply put, if you do this you can’t fail. All these recipes you now have available to you are designed to taste great while helping improve heath, performance, build muscle and burn fat. You will look, function and feel better with this approach. Guaranteed.


They will teach you about portion control while helping open up your sense of smell and taste to new sensations via more colour, taste and texture than you’re used to. Over time this will help you avoid cravings, which is the best way to avoid binge-eating. They will also teach you about the ins and outs of meal construction that you will be learning with us.


With over 200 recipes to choose from, you will absolutely hit on some winners, and no doubt some losers as we all have different tastes, and that’s A-OK. The important part is having a go and sticking with it until you start to form something of a hit-list, of go-to meals that you know you love that you can rotate in and out of your plan each week along with continuing to broaden your food horizons by trying new things.


Attached below are some examples of what we will be looking for you to build up to with your own meal preparation.


You may not achieve this straight away, and that’s fine, but make no mistake you want to strive towards this as quickly as possible…you will be rewarded.

food 2.PNG
food 3.PNG
food 1.PNG