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Step 8 - Success (and failure) leaves clues!

Upon her application being accepted, one of our clients once asked us what are the common traits among people who work with us and succeed….and also the traits of those who fail.


This was such a good question we thought it would be worthwhile to list those traits here so you know what you’re looking to work towards, and avoid, to get the most out of your investment in yourself with us!


The top traits of successful clients

  1. They strive to embrace all 3 key fundamentals that we ask them to establish first; a consistent training routine via following the program we lay out for them, a consistent meal planning and preparation routine as outlined in Step 5, and a consistent accountability routine via working through the weekly tasks given to them in their online dashboard. Once these key fundamentals are established, then the fun really begins as we progress and fine-tune their program to achieve eye-popping results.

  2. They are active in our secret, Change 4 Life Facebook group; regularly showing off their meal preps as well as training videos, selfies, questions asked as well as answering questions that others have.

  3. They are coachable. By this we mean they are honest and open with the information they give us and are willing to implement the feedback we give them, knowing it’s in service of their goals.

  4. They learn from their mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, but they don’t have to be repeated


The top traits of unsuccessful clients

  1. They pick and choose aspects of our guidance that suit them. For example they might be training the house down, but there is no thought given to meal prep and planning. Or they are training and meal prepping, but are not accountable which means we can’t actually coach them to progress.

  2. Radio silence. By this we mean no accountability and no activity in our secret Facebook group. 99 times out of 100 this means that this person is not taking any action towards their goals and is disconnected from the process and their goals. Unless this is addressed, it never ends well. You didn’t apply to work with us and sign up to do nothing.

  3. They tell us what they think we want to hear. You’re human, this means you make mistakes. If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t be where you are now and you certainly wouldn’t have come to us for help. We know you make mistakes, just like us. We know you are flawed, just like us. If you are submitting your accountability to us and you are omitting what you feel are mistakes, you are short-circuiting the entire process.

  4. Inconsistency. By far this the biggest trait of unsuccessful clients. Inconsistent training, inconsistent meal planning and prep, inconsistent accountability…or all the above.

    You cannot expect to hit full-time goals with a part-time effort. If you show us someone who is inconsistent, we will show you someone who will not change.

    You have to go all-in on this process with us, and all-in on yourself. Greatness comes from consistency, we know this first hand and have seen it with every single client transformation we have ever produced.

    Conversely, every client who has failed to achieve their goals with us shares this trait.