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Hi my name is Lisa, I have been working alongside Kane Patterson in the business since mid-2017 and began working on my own transformation in Feb 2017.

This transition into becoming a Transformation Specialist and practising what I preach has not come easy to me. Since turning 18 I have suffered from anxiety attacks. The attacks have impacted my social life quite a lot, for the first 3 years I pretty much locked myself away from the world because that was the only way to prevent an attack. They were quite bad for many years and after seeking some professional help they did become a bit easier to manage but never stopped. I disliked training and any kind of sport, I ate a whole lot of junk food and thought I could live like this forever.

Before changing careers and becoming an online Coach, I was a Visual Merchandiser for about 3 years but found working in a desk job just really wasn’t for me. I had begun training and changing my nutrition whilst working in VM and within a few months I loved everything about it and wanted to join Kane in helping others to achieve their own transformation goals.

In such a short amount of time I have noticed some big changes both physically and mentally that I never thought were possible. By consistently training a handful of hours a week and improving my nutrition I have noticed the anxiety attacks are now uncommon. My self-confidence and self-worth has grown immensely and I believe this is a direct result of changing these two things in my life.

My aims now is to use what I have learned so far and help others who may be in a similar situation or who want to start loving themselves again. I strongly believe that focusing on self-improvement through building a healthy life will benefit everyone so much more than just looking good in the mirror.